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About me


I'm Jonathan Victoor and in the beginning of 2022 I started Boardboard. This is a online boardshop with a physical side.

From before I could walk I was going to the ocean and the mountains. So it was normall for me to learn sailing, surfing, windsurfing, skiing, snowboarding,... 

While studying I also started giving lessons in these sports. I became a windsurf and sailing instructor on the french sailing school Les Glenans. Where I was spending most of my summer. I was also guiding canyons in Spain with X-Adventure. And in winter time I was teaching skiing and snowboarding.

After studying I went on doing this fulltime. First I did a whole season in Spain with X-Adventure. Followed by 8 months in Greece working as a windsurfinstructor en after I worked 2 years as windsurfmanager at Surfers Paradise in Knokke.

But I already had the idea to start my own business for a while and so I opened Boardboard in 2022. Boardboard is a online boardshop that only sells a couple of brands that I have tested and approved. This way I want to be able to give the people the best advice on the gear.

The best way to chose your gear is by testing it. So Boardboard is not only online but I also have a car full of testgear and almost everything can by tested on request.

If you have any questions of if you want to try out any gear don't hesitate to contact me on [email protected]  or instagram: