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About the company

Boardboard is a new boardshop located in Belgium.

After years of teaching in different boardsports I had an idea.
Every time I walked in a boardshop there were so many different brands and choises. And I asked myself how cant this seller know all the boards of all these brands and did he test all of these. So I wanted to open a boardshop that only sells a couple of brands per boardsport. 
This way boardboard wants to help the people find the best gear suited for them. Since boardboard only offers a couple of brands of each sport we know these brands better and we have also tested them.
So at boardboard you won't find loads of options but boardboard will help you find the best board suited for you.
If you have any questions about gear or if you want to test a board don't hesitate to contact us on instagram: or email: [email protected]